Our tours, services and guides
Fuji Bike Tour has implemented measures that exceed government standards for cleanliness, disinfection and prevention of COVID-19 transmission. Most of our tours are conducted in settings conducive to social distancing in a remote, semi-rural region that has had a very small number of COVID-19 cases over the entire duration of the pandemic, so the risk of exposure to an infected person is low. Read more about the steps we're taking to ensure the health and safety of our guests and employees here.
This topic is covered in detail here.
This topic is covered in detail here.
Our guides are native English speakers. They speak and read some Japanese but aren't professional interpreters or translators. Some guides also speak a little Chinese and French.
Your tour will be private unless we ask in advance if you would like to share your tour date with another party and you agree.
No other people will join your tour unless you tell us in advance you would like to share your tour with others and we inform you other people have agreed to join your tour.
Yes, we offer pick up and drop off by car for an additional fee. Details are here.
We offer the following optional services and upgrades:

  • pick up and drop off by private car at your hotel or other location
  • bicycle upgrades from our standard hybrid bikes to our road bikes or e-bikes
  • pedal upgrades from standard flat pedals to clipless pedals (also known as clip-in or step-in pedals) so you can use your cycling shoes
Details of the above services and upgrades are here.
Yes. Please tell us any special dietary needs in the "Dietary restrictions" section of the book a tour form. We will do our best to provide food that suits you. We are experienced in meeting our guests' needs for foods appropriate to vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, seafood free and Muslim diets.
There is no minimum or maximum group size.
Children can join a tour their adult relative or legal guardian joins, with the exception of wine, beer, sake and whiskey tasting tours. The full tour fee applies to children who are over the age of three. We are not able to provide special seats for infants and toddlers in our support vehicle.
No. We don't offer self-guided tours or provide maps, directions, bicycle rentals or lodging reservations for self-guided tours. Our goal is to offer high-quality experiences that visitors couldn't have without the in-person assistance of our team of guides and the resources and local insights we bring.
Our guests vary widely in their levels of fitness and experience riding bikes, as well as in their ages and their goals for their tours.

Some are avid cyclists whose goal is to see as much as possible from the seats of their bikes, without long stops for sightseeing on foot. It's not uncommon for them to want a bike tour that's physically challenging in terms of pace, distance covered and elevation gained. They may prioritize being able to ride the kinds of high-performance bicycles they're used to and so may want to borrow our road bikes or bring their own. They may show up for their tours in specialized clothing designed for comfort while biking and may even bring their own cycling shoes.

Others seldom ride bikes but are excited about getting outdoors and experiencing the beautiful scenery and cultural attractions of Japan. Some are families with children and are suited to light physical activity rather than intense bike rides. They want a high-quality, private and interactive tour that's tailored to their pace and interests. Many tell us they've been to Japan more than once and want to get off the beaten path to experience things they haven't before and couldn't on their own. They may show up in casual street clothes or activewear that's not specifically intended for cycling.

Still other guests are somewhere between the above categories and may share charactersistics with each.

We're skilled at reading the goals and preferences of our guests, and we're happy to customize your tour to suit you regardless of whether you fall into one of the above camps, somewhere between them, or in another category altogether. Our guides cycle hundreds of kilometers a week around Japan's tallest mountain and up its slopes, as well as around the country. And as long-term local residents who enjoy continually learning and exploring, we have a wealth of knowledge about the geography, culture and history of the areas where we offer tours. We're capable of riding far and fast, and we're equally able to ride at an easy pace, stopping to share fascinating insights into the places we visit during your tour.

You're welcome to use the "Special needs and questions" section of our book a tour form to tell us your interests, preferences and goals for your tour, or you can share them with our guides in person on your tour day.
For all tours, we provide a support car and driver so if you get tired you can ride in the car. Your bike will also be transported by the car so you can resume biking when you wish.
Fuji Five Lakes is a scenic region two hours west of Tokyo in Yamanashi Prefecture. It is not only a set of lakes but is also the picturesque, sparsely-populated countryside surrounding them in the northern foothills of Mount Fuji. Its spectacular shorelines, forests and mountain ranges are part of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Fuji Five Lakes is included in a traditional list of the most beautiful landscapes in Japan and offers fantastic sightseeing opportunities.

The region is known for its outstanding views of Mt Fuji and for its numerous hot spring baths, flower gardens and well-preserved ancient Japanese farmhouses. It is a popular destination for camping, snowsports and watersports and serves as a convenient base for people hiking to the summit of Mount Fuji. Visitors interested in bike tours can experience some of the best trips in Japan at Fuji Five Lakes.
Katsunuma is a region in the picturesque Koshu Valley where the majority of Japan's wine is produced. A short drive from Fuji Five Lakes, Katsunuma features beautiful landscapes and outstanding views of Mt Fuji. Wines produced in Katsunuma are made not only from Western grapes but also from the indigenous Koshu variety for which Japanese winemaking is best known. Katsunuma is home to many of Japan's oldest, most celebrated vineyards and is an ideal location for wine tastings and winery tours.
Yes, most of our bike tours are offered in all seasons. Only the few tours that include an ascent or descent of Mt Fuji are limited to warmer months due to winter road conditions and closures on the mountain.

Winter is actually an excellent time for tours at Fuji Five Lakes because the sky tends to be clear, making for good views of Mount Fuji.
Visibility is unpredictable but tends to be best early in the morning, late in the afternoon and in the evening.
Of our half-day tours, you'll get the best views of cherry blossoms and fall colors during the One Lake Bike Tour, the Lake and Village Bike Tour and the Lake and Flowers Bike Tour.

And of our full-day tours, those best for enjoying cherry blossoms and fall colors are the Fuji Highlights Bike Tour, the Two Lakes Bike Tour, the Three Lakes Bike Tour, the Fuji Five Lakes Bike Tour and the Mount Fuji Half Circuit Bike Tour.

Our Multi-Day Tours in the Fuji, Hakone and Izu regions are also great for viewing cherry blossoms and fall colors.

Our bicycles and customization options
Yes, you can bring your own bike to ride during a tour. We do not discount our tour fees when a guest brings their own bike or helmet.

Use of your bike on your tour date is at your own risk. Fuji Bike Tour and our guides will not compensate you if your bike is damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen under any circumstances by any party before, during or after your tour.
We can provide road bikes, hybrid bikes (also known as cross bikes, city bikes or flat-handlebar bikes) and e-bikes (electric bikes), although e-bikes are only available for a couple specific tours. The fee for hybrid bike rental is included in the tour fee. E-bike and road bike rentals require an additional fee of 8,000 Japanese yen per bike per day. Mountain bikes are not appropriate for the terrain where the tours take place.

Most of our bikes are of the Trek and Giant brands. Our fleet of road bikes is currently made up primarily of recent Trek Domane AL 2 and AL 3 models.
We can only provide e-bikes for the One Lake Bike Tour and the Lake Overlook Bike and Hike Tour. E-bike rentals require an additional fee of 8,000 Japanese yen per bike per day.
We can provide bikes in a full range of adult sizes, including XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL, that can accommodate riders of 135 cm (4'5") to 196 cm (6'5") in height. We can also provide bikes in some children's sizes. Our tour booking form offers you space to inform us of the heights of the members of your party so we can provide you with suitable bikes.
Hybrid bikes
Also known as cross bikes or city bikes, hybrid bikes have flat handlebars and familiar gear shifters. The relatively upright postures they allow make it easy to enjoy the views while riding. They're well suited for leisurely rides and people who don't often ride bikes.

Your use of our hybrid bikes is included in our tour fees, and we have a full range of sizes. Unless you have a particular reason to upgrade to a road bike or e-bike, a hybrid bike is a good choice.

Road bikes
Superior bikes preferred by experienced cyclists for their light, aerodynamic forms, which include curved "drop" handlebars, road bikes offer greater efficiency and the potential for higher speeds. On the other hand, they tend to require you to ride in postures you may find a little less suited to sightseeing and comfort, if you lack experience with them. They also have shifting and braking systems that take some getting used to.

We offer road bikes to our guests for an additional fee of 8,000 Japanese yen per bike per day, and we have a full range of sizes. The upgrade is particularly worthwhile if you have experience with road bikes and you're booking a full-day or multi-day tour or one of our bike tours for fit cyclists.

As the "e" for "electricity" suggests, an e-bike has a battery-powered motor that helps push the bike forward while you pedal. This greatly reduces the effort you have to put in, so you'll tire much less quickly and have more energy to enjoy your tour.

The e-bikes we provide don't have sporty forms, and we only have them in one size that's optimized for people of average to low height. A person of above-average height wouldn't be able to extend their legs fully while riding one of our e-bikes. But these limitations aren't deal-breakers for most people because the e-bike does so much of the work for you.

E-bikes may be a good choice for people who have a low level of fitness or who need to limit exertion for medical reasons. Our fee to provide our tour guests with e-bikes is 8,000 Japanese yen per bike per day. We're only able to offer e-bikes for the tours listed here.
As long as Fuji Bike Tour staff do not believe your equipment or the mounting and removal of it could damage our bikes or cause other problems, you are welcome to mount it. We do not charge a fee for you to mount your equipment on our bike, even if you need to use our tools to do so.

Please mount and remove your equipment rather than asking our guides to do it. If you will need specific tools you'd like us to bring, please make your request as early as possible, preferably at least a few days before your tour, so we have time to try to accommodate you.

We can't guarantee that our bikes will be compatible with your equipment or that we will be able to provide the tools you need to mount it, even if you request in advance that we bring the tools. We also can't guarantee that you will be able to mount your equipment successfully or within your desired time frame.

The time it takes you to mount and remove your equipment is drawn from the time allotted for your tour. For example, if your tour's maximum duration is four hours and you spend thirty minutes mounting your equipment on our bike, the time remaining for your tour and the removal of your equipment will be three hours and thirty minutes.

We may not allow you to mount equipment that must be screwed or clamped firmly onto parts of our bikes that are relatively easily damaged by excessive force, such as those made of carbon or plastic, particularly when a torque wrench can't be used to insure limits are not exceeded.

Use of your equipment on your tour date is at your own risk. Fuji Bike Tour and our guides will not compensate you if your equipment is damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen under any circumstances by any party before, during or after your tour.
Yes. We charge a fee of 4,000 Japanese yen per bike for this service. Details are here.

Fees, payments and policies
We offer a highly flexible cancellation policy that guarantees a full refund if you cancel at least four days in advance and a partial refund if you cancel one to three days in advance. Complete details are here.
If another party agrees to have a non-private tour, then we may be able to invite you to join that tour and pay a lower fee. Contact us with details about what tours interest you and the dates you're available so we can inform you if there's a match.
You can pay online by credit or debit card. We accept cards from most countries.

Details of how to make a payment will be emailed to you shortly after you send us a request to book a tour. We require a deposit to confirm your booking and save your tour date for you. Full payment of your tour fee is always required before your tour begins.

Half-day and full-day tours
If you make your reservation for a half-day or full-day tour more than 24 hours before your tour will take place, we will ask that you first pay a deposit of half the tour fee to confirm your booking and then pay the balance due by 24 hours before your tour.

If you make your reservation for a half-day or full-day tour less than 24 hours before your tour will take place, we will ask that you pay the full tour fee to confirm your booking.

Multi-day tours
If you make your reservation for a multi-day tour more than 7 days before your tour will take place, we will ask that you first pay a deposit of half the tour fee to confirm your booking and then pay the balance due by 7 days before your tour.

If you make your reservation for a multi-day tour less than 7 days before your tour will take place, we will ask that you pay the full tour fee to confirm your booking.
  • Support car (to ride in if you get tired and to transport your small valuables and other items you don't want to carry while biking or walking)
  • English-speaking guide
  • bicycle
  • entrance fees for traditional villages visited during the tour
  • basic insurance
  • road tolls
  • helmet
  • bottled water and light snacks
  • lunch is included for all full-day and multi-day tours
  • limited tasting fees are included for our wine, beer, sake and whiskey tasting tours
  • details on how to book bus or train tickets to and from the start and end point(s) of your tour, along with detailed train or bus itineraries, on request
  • a link to download photos our guide takes for you during your tour
  • toilet paper
  • garbage bag
  • emergency supplies and equipment (first aid kit, headlamp, etc)
  • mobile phone for emergency use only
  • bike repair tools and supplies
Our rescheduling and cancellation policy is detailed here.
If you know you'll be late, please inform us of your expected arrival time by phone or WhatsApp at 090 7677 6497 (or +81 90 7677 6497 if calling from an international line).

Our late arrival, late start and no-show policy is detailed here.
Our bad weather and other hazards policy is detailed here.
Due to liability issues and legal restrictions on drone use in Japan, flying drones is not allowed during any of our tours.

Preparing for your tour
The most convenient way to travel to the region is usually by bus, but the trip is also possible by train. We will provide you with details of how to book bus or train tickets to and from the start and end point(s) of your tour, along with detailed train or bus itineraries, on request.

Buses that stop in front of Tokyo Station and Shinjuku Station deliver you directly to Kawaguchiko Station where our tours start. The bus trip takes two hours and is generally faster and less expensive than taking trains. Bus tickets should be purchased in advance as early as possible since they can sell out.

The earliest bus departs Tokyo around 6 am and arrives in Kawaguchiko around 8 am, so if you wish to start a bike tour earlier than 8 am you will need to take the bus the day before your tour and stay overnight in the Kawaguchiko area.

If you are traveling by air from abroad or from another region in Japan, the most convenient destination is Haneda Airport, and the second most convenient is Narita Airport. From either airport you would travel by train to Tokyo Station or Shinjuku Station and then take a bus to Kawaguchiko Station.
You can book lodging in Tokyo and make a day trip from there to Kawaguchiko. The bus ride is only two hours each way, so you can easily fit in a tour and return to your lodging in Tokyo on the same day. If you wish to stay overnight in the Fuji Five Lakes area, lodging within a ten-minute drive from Kawaguchiko Station is most convenient.
A list of supplies we suggest you bring is here.
One or both of our guides, Aaron and Tamie, will meet you at the main entrance of Kawaguchiko Train Station. Aaron is a tall man, and Tamie is a short woman. We'll be wearing white or gray t-shirts that say "Fuji Bike Tour". The train station is small, so it should be easy to find each other.

If you have trouble or will arrive late, please use your mobile phone, your hotel's phone or a pay phone at the station to call us at 090 7677 6497. If calling on an international line, call +81 90 7677 6497.

The above details about how to meet us, along with a photo of the meeting point and a link to a map, will be included in the booking confirmation we email you.
You can change clothes in the bathroom at Kawaguchiko Station, but there is often a line to use the women's bathroom there, so women may have to wait awhile. If traveling by bus or train to Kawaguchiko Station shortly before your tour, you may want to already be wearing the clothes you will wear during the tour or change clothes in a bathroom on the bus or train.
Basic insurance is included in the tour fee, as long as you ride bikes we provide and do not bring your own bike. This insurance is only designed to meet minimum requirements under Japanese law for coverage of injury to other parties. You may also wish to get comprehensive travel insurance through World Nomads or another provider.