What to Bring on Your Tour Day

  • appropriate footwear (such as walking shoes or sneakers)
  • sun protection, including sunscreen, lip balm/lip sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat with a visor and clothing that fully covers your arms and legs
  • warm clothing, including a hat, gloves and thick socks, if your tour will take place on Mt Fuji, on a cold day or early in the morning outside the warmest months
  • enough Japanese yen in cash to cover the cost of any items you may choose to buy, such as food, drinks and souvenirs
  • your passport or Japan residence card (one of which you are required by law to carry with you at all times unless you are a citizen of Japan)
  • optionally, an extra set of clothing in a plastic bag, in case you get wet due to rain or sweat
  • optionally, a sweatband and/or a small cloth to wipe sweat from your face
  • optionally, cycling shorts or pants with crotch padding and a pair of gloves with palm padding for comfort on long bike rides